Shame on the Diocese of Kansas City!


Shame on the Diocese of Kansas City!


Had I read this in anti-Catholic press, I would not have been surprised. But I was shocked to see it in The Catholic Key  of the Kansas City Diocese. It seems that the holy folks there are pissed off  at my friend Sister Carol Keehan, who is the extremely competent head of the Catholic Health Association, because of her support of some of President Obama’s pro-choice appointees.


The headline (which is all of what most people read) states “Catholic Health’s $856,093.00 Nun”.  Then to confirm that they are taking a cheap and unfair potshot, they don’t mention until at the end of the article that “Sister Carol does not keep her salary. It goes to her order.”


They further imply that Sister Carol and the Catholic Health Association (representing over 1200 Catholic health care sponsors, systems, facilities and related organizations and services) don’t care two-cents for the poor, because they have chosen for their board of directors some of the top health officials in America, who are earning large salaries.  I want my mid-western Catholic bigots to know that when Sister Carol headed Providence Hospital in Washington, DC, even thought she took charge of an institution that was deep in debt, she ordered that no patient would ever be turned away if they were not able to pay.

Diocese of Kansas City, go sit on the stool in the corner and face the wall.


3 thoughts on “Shame on the Diocese of Kansas City!

  1. For the original blog posting on the “Catholic Key” website, please see

    That article has generated a lot of heat — for and against Carol K. It would be good for the readers of that site to hear the perspectives of those who have worked with Carol Keehan in DC, so I have made a crossed posting on that site to point people to this blog from Joyful Cathlic.

  2. So you feel its ok to slaughter the unborn if you build a soup kitchen? Or for a nonprofit to pay its executive 20% of the budget? I really couldn’t care less how much someone gets paid generally, but an organization supposedly dedicated to supporting organizations that are supposed to provide, at least they say they are, health care in light of Catholic tradition, that gives support to abortion to me is sickening. I bet she only gets enough back from that salary to pay for a small room and a couple changes of clothing correct? I bet differently.

  3. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Pro-choice is wrong and this sister is wrong in supporting it. God said in Genesis to be fruitful and multiply. Abortion is murder.

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