During your next Mass, give a joyful greeting to two strangers.

Your current assignment:

          During your next Mass, give a joyful greeting to two strangers.churchTalking


Today’s Haiku

Today is the day

To serve with a joyful heart;

Today is the day.

How Can We Help Our Priests HAPPYpRIESTS                                                

  What an employee tell others about his or her employer gives a lasting impression about this person.  In like manner, what a Catholic says about Catholic priests will have a positive or negative effect upon what others think about our religious leaders.  

             Newspaper headlines revel in the account of the 4,392 priests who have been dismissed over the past fifty years for having sexually abused children.  This number is only 4% of the 109,800 priests who served during that period.  But because of this past misconduct, today the suspicion of pedophilia is an unfair burden for our present 45,673 dedicated priests.   As Pope Benedict XVI said, “The problem of pedophile priests is one that pains all Churchmen…just one instance clashes with the identity and mission we are called to undertake.”

           We Catholic laymen have an obligation to try to correct this false image of the splendid men who are devoting their lives in serving our Church.  The critics are those who probably have never known or talked with a priest.  The longer these priest-haters remain in ignorance, the more their erroneous impression will be imbedded in their minds.

          There are three ways in which we can become a positive force.  First, each of us must be a defensive speaker for the Church.  Next, we should encourage priests to be seen in the marketplace.  Invite a priest to have a meal with you in a popular eating place. Do you realize that many people have never been exposed to a splendid priest?  Lastly, we can volunteer to do church jobs that will free our priests to participate more in the local community.

           We Catholics must make the effort to promote the correct image of our priests.  Let us accept this role as a challenge and reaffirmation of our Faith.   If we don’t tackle the task today, the Church tomorrow will still be shackled by the innuendos of past sexual misconduct.

 (An excerpt from Light Reading for Good and Wayward Catholics)


(And what are your thoughts?)


Good Reading 

On the New Advent web page, see Paul Cat’s article “Why the Church Has all those Dogmas and Doctrines.” (dated August 29)


Joyful Catholic Quiz

(Answers to last week’s quiz)

The winner of the gift copy of Light Reading for Good and Wayward Catholics is Jose Alvarez in Santa Fe, NM who logged in at 8:34 AM on August 30.


1.     Re: age discrimination—at what age are Cardinals excluded from taking part in the election of a new Pope?  60 – 70 – 80 – 90?

Age 80

2.  Who was the Galilean fisherman who was the first disciple to be called

     by Christ?


3. Who was the first American-born saint?

     Mother Seton 



Chuckle time

 A man walking into a diner during a heavy rain storm said to the waitress, “Wow! It looks like we should get ready for Noah to come by with his ark.”


          The waitress replied, “I’ve been so busy I haven’t seen a newspaper in days.”


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