Shame on Rev. Aloysius Smallhart!

Shame on Rev. Aloysius Smallhart, a California priest, who bullied John Thomas, a religious publisher, into changing a complimentary prayer for the soul of Senator Ted Kennedy to a simple prayer one would give for a homeless person. Senator Kennedy was one of the most outstanding statesmen of our era and a great champion of the poor and disadvantaged. According to this West Coast priest, all the good Senator Kennedy did for the country is nil, because he wasn’t beating a drum for the pro-lifers. Father Smallhart, please go sit on the stool in the corner, facing the wall. Your bigotry obfuscates the majesty of Catholicism, and you are the enemy for us joyful Catholics who want to invite others to the feast.

          tedKenI reserve the stool in the other corner of the room for Harlan Drake, who murdered Jim Pouillon and his partner, because he was offended by Jim’s pro-life message. Drake also had planned to kill a third person.

          While you are there together, Father Smallhart, perhaps you can hear Harlan Drake’s confession.


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