“Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics.   My motto — “Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Michael J Sheehan

Archbishop of Santa Fe



The first to send the right answers to joyfulcatholic@comcast.net will receive a gift copy of Light Reading for Good and Wayward Catholics.

1.     Who was the Church official Henry VIII sent to Rome to try and get Papal approval of annulment so he could marry the already pregnant Anne Boleyn?    

2.     In what year did Pope Pius IX define the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception?    

3.     What was the name of the tax collector who left his customs post to follow Jesus and later gave a great banquet for him?   

 News flashes

        As I predicted in my “Cheap Shooting” column, The Washington Post, a true master in the art of cheap shooting, confirmed it is going to milk the pedophilia subject to the fullest. In the April 21 paper, they put it on the front page.

The British House of Lords voted down the requirement that churches had to hire non-believers and those “whose private conduct is inconsistent with their teachings”.  (comment: Hurrah!)

The Pope is encouraging priests to use the Internet which can help “create deeper forms of relationship across great distances, opening up enormous new possibilities of evangelization.”

My new blog friend 

George Torres is a poet and the editor of Sofrito for Your Soul, a splendid website for the Latino-Hispanic communities worldwide.  He has succeeded in establishing an invigorating center for cultural information. Welcome, George, to the pack!



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