We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics

“Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Michael J Sheehan, Archbishop of Santa Fe


10 Wow’s

I agree with them:

 In Dancing with the Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day, Diane Ackerman wrote, “It’s essential to stop and savor those instants when time suddenly snaps on a simple Wow!”

 Thick Nhat Nanh, the Buddhist priest and author, taught that upon awaking in the morning, you should start with a half-smile meditation.

– Joe Difato, publisher of The Word Among Us, wrote, “As you go through your day, you may not see God’s vision for your future. But his plan for you certainly includes aspects of what you are doing right now—and he wants you to be excited about it!”

 As Joyful Catholics, I recommend that every morning when we wake, we say ten WOWs before we get to the bathroom. When I tell this, I am often asked, “Like what?”

          That’s easy to answer. Just try to get to the bathroom with your eyes closed. After a few nervous steps, open your eyes and say, “WOW! I can see!”  Touch your thumb to each finger (we humans are the only animals who can do that) and that’s five WOW!s. Wiggle your toes—ten WOW!s. I’m alive!—another WOW!

          Expressing appreciation for a gift is a delightful way of saying. “Thank you.”  Doing so is our Joyful Assignment for each morning. And everyone likes to be thanked, even He.

(And what are your thoughts about this assignment?) joyfulcatholic@comcast.net


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Recommended reading

You will enjoy Nicholas Kristof’s column, “A Church Mary Can Love”, in the April 17 New York Times.

“Loving and healing in the integrated person” in the April issue of Homilic & Pastoral Review by Dr. Donald DeMarco, professor emeritus of philosophy at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ontario


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