“Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”


We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics.  

My motto — “Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Michael J Sheehan

Archbishop of Santa Fe


My favorite priest, layperson, breathing saint or organization

 Rev. Antony Pulikal, OCD is sincere, genuine, open and honest about his feeling and lets you know where he stands.  He behaves in a very devout and holy-like manner and is very serious in his duties as a priest. Yet, at the same time, he is able to combine his love for the Church with a great sense of humor that helps all of us to understand him better.  At time, he and Father Kevin poke fun at each other and let us all in on the joke.

          They are both young but teach us of all ages new things all the time. They interpret each Sunday’s gospel and craft the message into a memorable, easily understood homily that makes sense in Jesus’ time and in 2010, too. As we drive home, we talk abut what we learned that Sunday.

(Father Pulikal is a priest at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lantana, Florida)

(This recommendation was sent by one of his parishioners, Doris Wyckoff)

Who is your favorite priest, layperson, breathing saint or organization you want to tell me about? joyfulcatholic@comcast.net


Interesting sayings

Remain in my love.  It you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in his love. I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete. 


Those who believe in Christ must all traverse their labors on behalf of virtue and endure their temptations, without shame – rather, in fact, with joy of heart and with rejoicing.

Saint Symeon The New Theologian, A spiritual master and monk in Constantinople who died in 1022.

 To me, Jesus is the Life I want to live, the Light I want to reflect, the Way to the Father, the Love I want to express, the joy I want to share.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta



Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5000 Gideon Bibles.

Zsa Zsa Gabor


Many thanks for introducing me to the “10 Wow’s” concept. I find it is my new means of saying “Thanks!” to God for many blessings I had been taking for granted.

Elena Tems

 It may be OK for some folks, but when I get up in the morning to go the bathroom, I have only one thought in mind – to get there in hurry- , and I don’t have time to think of anything else.

Roscoe  Cummings

I know Father Bowers whom you wrote about in your News Flashes, and he is a splendid joyful Catholic.  If you get to Boston, I would like to take you down to meet him.      

Patrick O’Sullivan

(comment: Thank you, Patrick.  One day I hope to take you up on your offer

                                                Chuckle time


At his farewell dinner when young Father Moran was leaving for another parish, he shocked the parishioners by saying, “This is the happiest moment of my life, other than the times I lay in the arms of another man’s wife.”

After the gasps had died down, he smiled and said, “Of course, I am referring to my mother.”

Three months later when the senile in-resident monsignor was moving to a retirement home, at his farewell dinner he recalled the success of the young priest’s remarks, and he repeated, “This is the happiest moment of my life, other than the times I lay in the arms of another man’s wife.”

          After a long shocked silence, he smiled and said, “Of course, I am referring to Father Moran’s mother.”

Special Intentions List


 As you pray with a broad brush, please include these loved ones, who have been submitted by our readers. You, too, are invited to send me names of your special persons who are in need of prayer.  My address is joyfulcatholic@comcast.net. They will be on the list for 60 days. At the end of that time, if prayers are still needed, you merely have to renew the name.

Juanita Caldwell, Isola Todd, David Abbey, Amie Ellis,

Linwood “Skip” Williams, Gerry Paradiso, Tom Medved, Eileen Grotsky, Roseanne Somlock, Nicholas Gallagher, Tom Lewis, Donald Whitcomb, Violeta Zepeda, John Aylor, Rev. Joseph Marini, Enrique Portillo,

 Sharon McPike, Tom Ryan, Joseph Normile, Jim Quimby, Russell Edwards,

Gertrude Goldstein, Rev. Stephen Huffstetter, Hugh Cannon, Eric Moore, Joan Barrett, 8-year-old Michael Fotta and his parents, Lolita Alvarez, Camilus Musselman, Jack Conner, Ed Block, Isobel Milligan,

Peter Bartkiewiez and his family, Joe Toles, Grace Toomey,

Camilus Musselman, Robert Earll

As you note, because of miraculous healings, several names have been deleted and added to our Deo Gratias list.


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