Be Happily and Uncomplicatedly Catholic

We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics.  

My motto — “Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Michael J. Sheehan Archbishop of Santa Fe


Jesus and Mary 

 Regarding Mary’s relationship with Jesus during the time of his ministry, (which was Frank Cerillo’s suggested topic), here are a few comment from you lay theologians:

          – I am certain there were countless times that Mary and Jesus had private times together and that she was a worthy source of inspiration and encouragement for him.       Jim,Orlando,FL.

          – Although she was interested in the things Jesus was doing, Mary was not a typical Jewish mother who wants to have a never-ending intimate involvement in a son’s adult life. I picture her as being a quiet and approving witness. AJC, New York, NY

          – I picture Mary often getting word to Jesus, “Hey, Son, I’ve made a large stew you and your buddies would enjoy. So, come and bring them along for supper tonight.” Maria, Toledo, OH

          – When Mary’s neighbors would tell her about the miraculous things Jesus was doing, she would nod with a little smile.Regina, Queenstown, NZ

They had such a phenomenal mother-son relationship that Mary was an invisibly witness to all that Jesus was doing.  Rev. Ron.

          (And for voices from the past)

In 410, St. Augustine of Hippo wrote, Mary is indeed the Mother of Christ’s members, that is, of ourselves. For it is by her work of love that men have been born in the Church, faithful men who are the body of the head, whose mother she was in the flesh.

          Mary was more blessed in having borne Christ in her heart than having conceived Him in the flesh.

  In 1450, Saint Antoninus, a Dominican priest and archbishop of Florence, wrote, Mary visited the places where her Son had done any miraculous deed, and there she contemplated the sacred mysteries. Sometimes in Nazareth she went to the place where the angel had made his announcement to her and she had conceived the Son of God, and there she contemplated God’s boundless charity.

In 1722, Saint Veronica Giuliani, the Capuchin Poor Clare outstanding mystic, wrote in her diary about Mary, She participated in the same torments, not by way of the executioners, like Jesus, but she, by way of love and sorrow, participated in all the torments, one by one. The heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary both stood united in suffering and in love, and this they offered to God the Father for all of us mortals.



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Those Frigging Militant Moslems

  – After the Easter Mass in theSacred Heart Churchin Bagdad, a bomb exploded, wounding seven parishioners. Fr. Hanna Sirop, a Chaldean priest who had been a 2006 kidnapped victim, said, “Our life inIraqis full of fear, but we have to live in faith and trust.” (Note that in the past ten years, 2/3 of the Christians inIraq have departed.)


Big Correction ! 

In the last issue, I credited Israelas being the only Middle East Country to come to the aid of stricken Japan. I was dead wrong. AlthoughIsrael made an excellent contribution, here are the other countries which sent aid:

    Qatarsent $100 million

    Saudi Arabia$20 million

    Hong Kong$5 million

    Iran- 50,000 canned goods

    Kuwait- 240 footballs and relief goods

     Bangladesh – 2,000 blankets, plus shoes, boots and gloves


2 thoughts on “Be Happily and Uncomplicatedly Catholic

  1. Does Pope Benedict Care Enough ..?


    Here’s something for Catholics to listen to …. and reflect on …. if they wish.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    Do you want to continue the wealthy, earthly rewards oriented lifestyles of popes like your predecessor, John Paul II, who took spiritual energies from others instead of giving to others the spiritual energies of God’s Love?

    Or would you like to begin a new era by learning how to nourish your own Angelic Light Body, Soul, mind and earthly body with the energies of God’s Unconditional Love, and be able to give these heightened energies of God’s Love to others?

    This is from an audio invitation to Pope Benedict to restore to Catholics everywhere Jesus’ truths that have been kept hidden from them.

    The full message is here:

    Hope Pope Benedict cares enough.

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