We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics.   

My motto — “Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Michael J. Sheehan, Archbishop ofSanta   Fe


 News Flashes

 George Washington University professor, John Banzhaj, is suing Catholic University  for not accommodating Muslim religious practices. He previously sued the University for moving towards single-sex dorms.  (Comment: some people don’t have much to do.)

The government of Pakistanhas ordered mobile-phone companies to ban 1600 words it considers obscene, vulgar or otherwise harmful. The list includes “Jesus Christ”.

The House of Representatives approved a measure that seeks to permit religious symbols on federal war memorials, a response to a court ruling that declared a cross atop a San Diego memorial violated the Constitution. The War Memorial Protection Act passed on a voice vote but faces uncertainty in the Senate. 

Today’s Martyrs

 (Lest we forget)

 Let us purify ourselves through the martyrs, or rather, through him through whom they too were purified in blood and truth… St. Gregory Nazianzen (died 390)

As many as 35,000 people have fled their homes in northern Nigeria after continuing attacks from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. Their numbers include a large number of Catholics who report that churches have been destroyed. On January 24, a source told Aid to the Church in Need on Jan. 24, “There is panic. Many just leave everything behind, and run for safety, because they do not know when violence might flare up again,”                                 

     My favorite priest, layperson, breathing saint or organization


Did you know that last May, Father Patrick Conroy, S.J., became the 60th chaplain of the U. S. House of Representatives?  He is the second Catholic priest to hold this post. In this important position, he serves the 138 Catholic and 300 non-Catholic legislators.  Pray for this poor fellow who has to try to keep in line this motley group.

(Now, tell me about your favorite Catholic priest, layperson or organization that is making a difference aljagoe@comcast.net)

 Interesting Sayings

Unless I live for joy, very soon I must die, for I, in this feeble flesh, cannot suffice to bear so flowing a sweetness, and ever it falls into inebriation; the flesh cannot fail in its virtue awhile the soul in such joy is ravished to joy.

Richard Rolle (died 1349) was a hermit, mystic and writer.

The whole of spirituality can be expressed in abridged form in this maxim; we should abandon ourselves purely and entirely to God’s design and with a complete self-forgetfulness, be eternally busied with loving and obeying him, without all these fears, reflections, twisting and turnings disquietudes which sometimes result from the care of our own salvation and perfection.                                                                                                                    

Father Jean-Pierre deCaussades, S.J. (died 1751)

I have an ever deeper and firmer belief that nothing is merely an accident when seen in the light of God—that my whole life, down to the smallest detail, has been marked out for me in the plan of divine Providence and has a completely coherent meaning in God’s all-seeing eyes.

St. Edith Stein

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mark Twain


I strongly agree that the ethos of Catholics should be joy.

                                      Amy Grossman

                 (Regarding “The Intercepted Martian Communique”)

 You are poking fun at a true fact that we have Martian observers. For many years I have documented this truth, but it is falling on deaf ears.

                                      Roger P. Kennedy

What makes you so sure that the people in Mars live over 200 years?

                                      Elsie Rickerson

(reply: Prove I’m wrong.)

Chuckle Time

 Brief Encounter

(It actually happened)

As the commuter train toNew York left a station for the 25-minute ride into the city, a woman plunked into a seat, pulled her coat hood partly over her head and began a loud cell-phone call to a female friend. As the train came into Penn Station, and she turned off the phone, the man sitting next to her said, “Pardon, but I am confused. You must be a religious person because in your conversation, you said ‘Oh-my-God’ nineteen times, yet you caused two people to stand because you put your package in one seat and your bag in another.

Woman: You intruded on my privacy!

Man: No, madam, you intruded on my silence.


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