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 It Ain’t Necessarily So 

My good friend and critic, Fr. Joseph Marini, in San Mateo, CA, gave me a rough time about my including in a recent blog columnist Nicholas Kristof’s article “We Are All Nuns”, in which he blasts the bishops regarding our female religious.  Father Joe reminded me that we should consider the source of news and expect negative slants from those who are not Catholic friendly.

 Fr. Gerald Coleman, vice president for corporate ethics for the Daughters of Charity Health System, points out that the Vatican’s eight-page statement acknowledges “with gratitude the great contribution of women Religious to the Church in the United States a seen particularly in the many schools, hospitals and institutions of support for the poor which have been founded and staffed by Religious of the years.”

It further states, the assessment “does not intend to offer judgment on the faith and life of Women Religious in the member congregations which belong to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.”  The assessment then does express concern that the group is silent on key issues like the dignity of human life, marriage and the family, homosexual activity and women’s ordination. This is a matter of concern, but not a criticism of the nuns and their splendid work. So, when we read the news, we should consider the source.  Not-Catholic-friendly writers will write not-Catholic accounts of news.

Regarding the impression the press gives about our current administration being anti-Catholic, Nicholas Cafardi, Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law at Duquesne University of Law, wrote, “Would an administration that was waging a ‘war on religion’ fund Catholic Charities to the tune of $322 million in 2009 and $361 million in 2010?”

We also should be aware of accepting as true all that we see. Years ago, in a conversation I had with Don Hewitt, of the 60 Minutes TV series, he agreed that, in cutting a 20-minute interview into a 3-minute presentation, a film editor can make the subject appear as a saint or a devil.

 (And what are your thoughts about this? (

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Fr. Raymond Kemp (Washington, DC)

Bishop Joseph N. Latino (Jackson, MS)

Archbishop Jerome Listecki (Milwaukee, MN)

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Fr. Joseph Marini (San Mateo, CA)

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Fr. John O’Donoghue (San Antonio,TX)

Fr. Antony Pulikal (Lntana, FL)

Fr. James R. Purfield (Denver,CO)

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Msg. David Robichcaux, V.F. (New Orleans, LA)

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