We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics.   My motto — “Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Michael J. Sheehan, Archbishop of Santa Fe


Today’s Martyrs

(Lest we forget)

 Let us purify ourselves through the martyrs, or rather, through him through whom they too were purified in blood and truth….St. Gregory Nazianzen (died 390)

In Boko HaramKaduna, Nigeria, the Islamist group  blew up three churches, killing over 20 people. The Christian Association of Nigeria stated, “The pattern of bombings and gun attacks suggests to us a systematic religious cleansing which reminds Christians of the genesis of a jihad.”

It’s been going on a long time…

On June 24, 843 AD, Vikings raided Nantes, France, and stormed the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. They then massacred Bishop St. Gohard, a large number of priests and laity, piling their bodies on the altar.

 Interesting Sayings

 He who serves God truly has a paradise within himself…  Saint Philip Neri (died 1595)

The distinguished Catholic peer, Lord Alton of Liverpool, has calculated that during Elizabeth’s reign, there have been six Popes, and her Catholic subjects have increased from 4.4 to 6.6 million in Britain, and from 25 million to 140 million throughout the Commonwealth. One-third of the primary schools in England are Catholic, and they comprise two-thirds of the most highly rated ones. During the Queen’s reign, the number of Catholic charities in the United Kingdom has grown to 1000. In the Commonwealth countries, the Catholic Church runs 5,246 hospitals, 17,530 dispensaries, 577 leprosy clinics, and 15,208 homes for the elderly Fr. George W. Rutler, The Church of our Savior NYC.

Let mystery have its place in you; do not be always turning up your whole soil with ploughshare of self-examination, but leave a little fallow corner in your heart ready for any seed the winds may bring….Henri Frederic Amiel, Swiss writer who dies in 1881


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.                                      Albert Einstein 

 Teacher: When George Washington admitted chopping down the cherry tree, why didn’t his father punish him?

Student: Because George still had the ax in his hand.


 I have carefully read the concerns of the so called Catholics who wanted to leave the Church. All are about others. No one is about the self, whether obedient to Jesus and Church teachings, leave alone Bishops and priests. It is easy to find excuses and justifications. One who wants bigamy can raise the doubt why at all Church insists on monogamy, one who wants free sex, can argue that there is no ban on premarital sex anywhere. Yes, the Church is not meant for such mundane successes and satisfaction, but for the sanctification and salvation of people.

(unfortunately, I lost the name of the sender)

I am Miss.Adel Gassama Ali, tall, slim, fair and a very good looking girl that loves traveling and dancing, a student that loves to be loved, kindly I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition. Pls I will like you to reply to me through my mail so that we will know each other very well.

(My wife will confirm that I didn’t reply)


          In Shingo, Japan, there is a tomb which local legend claims was the burial site of Jesus who escaped crucifixion because his brother Isukiri took his place on the cross. When Jesus moved to Japan, he married a local woman and lived to be age 106.

Chuckle Time

Woman parishioner: Oh, Father Sullivan, I am so distressed to learn you are beingtransferred. You are the best priest we have ever had, and I will be broken hearted to see you go.

Father Sullivan:  Now don’t worry. I bet you will find my successor to be a splendid priest, and one you will appreciate even more than me.

Woman parishioner: No, that’s not so. That’s exactly what your predecessor told me when he left.


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