News flashes

–       In Carthage, MO, 60,000 Vietnams gathered in triple-digit temperatures to celebrate their annual Marian event at the Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix Campus. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, a group of Vietnam priests fled Vietnam and founded the monastery in Carthage where this event takes place every year.

–   The Economist reports that Islam in America has flourished with the number of mosques doubling in the past decade from 1209 to 2106. We have become more tolerant. (comment: How many Christian churches are there in Saudi Arabia?  Answer: none.)

–    American Atheists is trying to block the display of a cross-shaped    steel beam at the September 11th museum in New York. The beam, found in the wreckage of the World Trade Centre, was a totem for rescuers.  The atheists see its inclusion as an unconstitutional mingling of church and state.



by Ronald Knox
There once was a man who said, “God
Must think it exceedingly odd
If he finds that this tree
Continues to be
When there is no one about in the Quad?”
     Dear Sir: Your astonishment’s odd;
     I am always in the Quad,
     And that’s why the tree
     Will continue to be
     Since observed by, Yours faithfully,

 Today’s Martyrs

(Lest we forget)

 Let us purify ourselves through the martyrs, or rather, through him through whom they too were purified in blood and truth.

                           St. Gregory Nazianzen (died 390)

In Pakistan a band of Muslims severely beat a pregnant Christian woman, causing her to miscarriage her female twins.

A suicide bomber crashed the gate of a Christian church in Bauchi, Nigeria, killing himself and ten parishioners and injuring more than 30 others. He was a member of the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram.


My favorite priest, layperson, breathing saint or organization

 Please, tell me about your favorite Catholic priest, layperson or organization that is making a difference. 


Interesting sayings

Knell down in your little room and pray to God with real humility and earnestness, that through his dear Son may give you his Holy Spirit, who will enlighten you, lead you, and give you understanding….Martin Luther

 These are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others..Groucho Marx

The wisdom of God, since it is infinite and incomprehensible, brings about in an incomprehensible and unsearchable way the dispensations of grace toward the human race in various ways for the testing of man’s free will…..Pseudo-Macarius, an Egyptian monk an hermit, died 390 A.D.


There is no reciprocity. Men love women. Women love children. Children loved hamsters. Hamsters don’t love anyone….Alice Thomas Ellis, English novelist

So let us be exultantly happy, experiencing through charity in this life what we shall see face to face in the next…    Saint Catherine of Siena


That lowdown scoundrel opponent of mine deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass, and I’m just the one to do it….   A Texas Congressional Candidate



The thing that puzzles me about all the poll findings is who the hell are the folks being polled?  Other than my barber, no one has ever asked me what I think about what is going on.  Furthermore, I don’t know anyone who has ever been questioned. Are the pollsters getting their info from Martians?                           Archibald Kiddson, Des Moines, IA


Chuckle time

At a faith healing, the minister asked everyone who had a deep concern to come forward for a healing. When a man came up, the minister asked, “And my son, what is your concern?”

He answered, “It’s my hearing.”

With that the minister put his hands over the man’s ears and prayed for a healing. The congregation gave out a loud “Amen!”

The minister then removed his hands and asked the man is he was cured.

“No,” the man replied. “My hearing is still set for next Wednesday.”



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  1. ” Then the new king who had not known Joseph came to power and he said to his people ” The Israelites are more numerous and strong than we are. Let us deal warily with them lest they increase still more and , in case of war side with our enemy, fight against us and escape from the land…… ” ( Exod.2; 8-10 ) Now all European nations are worried over the great Muslim influx and their gaining more wealth and power in European nations Even their culture including faith and way of life is slowly gaining with the agenda that one day not too far off they will be the rulers. There are no kings , no politician to see the danger. However the politicians and the people of these nations have abandoned Jesus Christ and are busy with foolish ideas like encouraging homosexuality, gay marriage, polygamy, infidelity, incest , redefinition of marriage, and what not ! ………..even leaving the idea of bettering the quality of life of the people or helping the most poor people who go without a meal before they sleep in the developing nations of Asia and Africa. The European nations and America do not seem to understand the imminent danger. They may learn only when terrorists make more inroads ? I doubt. Only more faith in Jesus is the solution.

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