Month: October 2013

“Be Happily and Uncomplicatedly Catholic.”

Peace and Friendship Handshake During Mass in St Mary's Roman Catholic Church

We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics. My motto — “Be happily and uncomplicatedly Catholic.”
Michael J. Sheehan
Archbishop of Santa Fe

News flashes
Popekidhat– There was a splendid picture of Pope Francis smiling while he stopped to put his cap on the head of a youngster.
– Human Rights International has confirmed that 80% of human rights violations last year were committed against Christians.
– In Poiskum, Nigeria, Islamic militants attacked a Christian boarding school and set it ablaze while students slept. 29 students and a teacher were killed.
– According to the Vatican City Religion New Service, we Catholics and Lutheranslutherans_ have agreed to put aside centuries of tension and celebrate in 2017 the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.(comment, put it on your calendar)

Today’s Martyrs
(Lest we forget)
Let us purify ourselves through the martyrs, or rather, through him through whom they too were purified in blood and truth.
St. Gregory Nazianzen (died 390)

My favorite priest, layperson, breathing saint or organization

Now, email me about your favorite Catholic priest, layperson or organization that is making a difference

Interesting Sayings

glory-of-god-singleThe glory of God is the living person,
the person who is fully alive.
And our life is the vision of God
St. Igenaeus 170 AD

I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.
Zsa Zsa Gabor

Praise the Lord for his goodness,and bless the King of the ages,
so that his tent may be rebuilt in you with joy.
Canticle of Tobit

JoyfulWHT_MAIN_300Religion uniting us to God and neighbor should always be joyful, uplifting, exciting, and at times thrilling.
Brother Edward Adams

Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.
Victor Borge



Denouncing the Church because of current problems is the cannabis of destructionists of religion. Their action is religious opprobrium.
Roger Wheelright, Cambridge, MA

BumperStickerI have changed my mind about your car stickers (I am a joyful Catholic), and I think it’s a great idea. Send me one and I am going to try and get our parish to take this one as a project. Ellen Kelley, Los Angeles, CA

Chuckle Time
Muslim: Oh, great religious leader, I need your advice. I have a terminal illness; I have no family or friends; I am penniless; what should I do with my life
Religious leader: Do you know how to drive a truck?