pope francis

“So you call yourself Catholic—wonderful!  Now show me!

Show the way you love me.”

Pope Francis

 Interesting Sayings

The Times

The Catholic Church, like all powerful institutions can choose to stand against social change in the name of dogmatic interpretation of its principles. Or it can seek to adapt to changing mores. It seems obvious that the Catholic Church is more likely to flourish if proper account is taken of how human beings actually behave and how their preoccupations and needs change over time.

 If this is the mission of Pope Francis then it is very much a welcome one.

(From 11/6 LondonThe  Times)  

Let us beg God that he would put on us the heavenly Christ so that established in great joy and thus led by him we may be granted the greatest tranquility.

Pseudo-Macraius, an Egyptian monk who died in 390 A.D. when-they-come-home-returning-catholics-rigney-lanave

Lord, let your love flow through me, that I might be a reflection of you for all those I encounter today.

Melanie Rigney, coauthor of When They Come Home.

Ways to Welcome Returning Catholics” …If joy presents itself because of earning or honor acquired, let them rejoice as moderately as if they did not rejoice, that is,as if the joy were not theirs.

                               St. Robert Bellarmine (died 1621 A.D.)

One way to sum up the good news of the Gospel is to say, quite simply, that the Father of Jesus Christ is crazy about us.

                                             Rev. Robert Barron


PisaVery disappointed with your lopsided and poorly considered most recent blog. (then there is a lengthy listing of Christian misdeed during past century).

You do yourself and your message a grave disservice when you take such a slanted and frankly infantile view of geopolitics and say silly things like “Yay for us Christians, boo for those bad Muslims.” If you could get in a time machine and go back just 100 years, this wonderful Christian tradition you sing about was responsible for some of the most horrific trampling on the rights of Arabs, Indians, Africans, and Jews throughout the 1800s up to the 1960s.If you fly back even farther in your time machine, you will land in Spain in the year 1100, where one of the best cultural things that ever happened to that country was the spirit of harmony and respect that was achieved between Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the brilliant center of learning in Toledo — under the rule of an enlightened Arab/Muslim regime.Islam is no more or less violent or peace-loving than Christianity.

 I expect better from your blog.  joyful.believer2@yahoo.com

(Comment: I have no argument about our misdeeds of the past. Many of them are horrendous.  You forgot to include the abuses of the Crusades and Spanish368-spanish-inquisition2 Inquisition. However, I repeat, say again, and reiterate that TODAY I thank God that I’m a Christian. Sure, we will still make mistakes and bicker, but we don’t set off car bombs, burn and destroy other places of worship, condemn and butcher non-Christians. Once again, “Yah for us Christians!”


 Please send me 18 of  your I Am a Joyful Catholic bumper stickers, one for each of our deacons and deacon wives.  Use will be to share how to begin to evangelize without the spoken word.

Kate Mills, Ventura, CA

Chuckle Time


When Forrest Gump arrived at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter on the other side told him he needed to answer these three questions before he could enter. The questions were:

(1) What two days of the week begin with the letter “T”?

(2) How many seconds are there in a year?

(3) What is God’s first name?

Forrest said, “That’s easy.  The two days are today and tomorrow. There are twelve second in a year—January 2, February 2, and so on. And God’s first name is Andy, because I learned from the song: ‘Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.’”



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