So you call yourself Catholic – wonderful! Now show me!

Pope Francis meets with children during an encounter with representatives of the civil society in the Municipal Theater in Rio de Janeiro

“So you call yourself Catholic—wonderful!  Now show me!

Show the way you love me.”

Pope Francis


Interesting Sayings 


–        I believe that politicians spend too little time on their knees. I am convinced that they would be better politicians if they were to do so….Mother Teresa

–        We Christians are not looking for suffering, but for joy. God, living in joy,   wantedjoy-button-1 to communicate it to all people. This is why he sent it down into our misery, nailing it to the cross. At that point, the cross became the way toward joy. Christianity is not at all morality and prohibitions—first and foremost it is wonder before things.

Fabrice Hadjadj, French philosopher, writer and convert to Catholicism


–      When he was born, they should have kept the stork, instead of the baby….Mae West

–      Jesus came into the world so that we might live the truth joyfully, freely and boldly, just as he did….The Word Among Us

st_seraphim_sarov_500     In our day holy faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is so slack, and indifference and lack of passion for communion with God loom so large, that one really must say: We have almost completely abandoned true Christian living…. St. Seraphim of Sarov (died 1833)


Psalms 40

      You do not ask for sacrifice and offerings

      but an open ear.

     You do not ask for holocaust and victim.

     Instead, here am I.



 We, indeed, must be joyful Catholics to enjoy the thralldom of Christianity….Rich Throgmorton

(Regarding “The Mass I am waiting to attend” blog)

–        If you ever find such a Mass scheduled, I’d drive 100 miles to attend….Charles Lambert

–        Should I have the good fortune to be at the Mass you described, I would think I was in the wrong church….Mabel Richardson

–        I was disgusted with this blog. I think you are an arrogant bastard to write such trash…. Anthony Wilson

Chuckle Time


At the oculist’s office, a Polish priest was asked if he could read the eye chart. He said, “Sure I can, and I even know that fellow.”


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