Month: October 2014

2014’s Roster of Joyful Catholic Priests

clerics-dancing-soltRoster of Joyful Catholic Priests

The media loves to publicize bad priests, and we should give recognition to our Joyful Catholic Priests.
Send me your recommendation for ones you think merit membership in this splendid group.

Fr. Robert Aufieri (New York, NY)
Fr. John M. Bauer (Minneapolis, MN)
Fr. Edmund Connors, (Katonah, NY)
Fr. Paul D.Counce (Baton Rouge, LA)
Fr. John Dowling, St. Francis of Assisi parish, (Fairfield Glade, TN)
Fr. Paul Duchschere (Fargo, ND)
Fr. Anthony O’Gorman (London, UK)
Fr. Edward Gorman, O.P. (Providence, RI)
Msgr. Edward Filardi (Bethesda, MD)
Fr. Charles E. Jacobs, Hartford CT
Bishop James Vann Johnston, Springfield/Cape Girardeau, MO)
Fr. Raymond Kemp (Washington, DC)
Fr. Robert Kus (Wilmington, NC) NEW!
Bishop Joseph N. Latino (Jackson, MS)
Archbishop Jerome Listecki (Milwaukee, MN)
Fr. Richard Lopez (Atlanta Archdiocese, GA)
Bishop Dennis Madden (Baltimore, MD)
Fr. Joseph Marini (San Mateo, CA)
Msgr. Joseph Mayo (Salt Lake City, UT)
Fr. John Mericantante (Pahokee, FL)
Msgr. Thomas Modugno (New York,NY)
Fr. Kevin Nelson, (Lantana, FL)
Fr. John O’Donoghue (San Antonio,TX)
Fr. Kevin J. O’Neil, Washington, DC
Fr.Francisco Pires (HydePark NYO
Fr. Antony Pulikal (Lntana, FL)
Fr. Fr.James R. Purfield (Denver,CO)
Fr. Fr. Paul S. Quinter (Pittsburg, PA)
Fr. Michael Radermache, (Vancouver, WA)
Msg. David Robichcaux, V.F. (New Orleans, LA)
Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi (Mobile, AL)
Fr. Alberto Rodriguez, (Miami)
Msg. Paul L. Rohling (Birmingham, AL)
Fr. David Ross (Lima. OH)
Fr. Matthew Ruhl, S.J. (Kansas City, KS)
Fr. Michael Scanlon (Steubenville, OH)
Fr. Walter J. Szezesny (Buffalo, NY)
Fr. Richard Trout (Sanford, FL)
Fr. Alex Waraksa St. Patrick’s parish, (Morristown, TN)
Fr. Malcolm Sylvester Willoughby, O.P. (Washington, DC)
Canon Stuart Wilson (London, UK)

Mary Quiz

quizkeepcalmIn 81, A.D., who was the third bishop of Antioch who wrote to the Ephesians, “Now the virginity of Mary was hidden from the prince of this world, as was also her offspring, and the death of the Lord; three mysteries of renown, which were wrought in silence by God, which were wrought in silence, but have been revealed to us” ?

Very Good Reading

Among Friends by Father Jim Sichkodogread

The Global War on Christians by John Allen, Jr.


  Interesting Sayings 


⊕ Christianity is not that complex system of oppressive rules which the unbeliever describes; it is peace, joy, love and a life which is continually renewed, like the mysterious pulse of nature at the beginning of spring. This truth is your greatest treasure, which alone can give meaning and serenity to your daily life…Saint John XXIII 

 ⊕ He, who sings, prays twice…St. Augustine

⊕ When one gets older, he finds they have started making curbs higher, doors harder, and buttonholes smaller…Regimra


 ⊕ Our souls must be changed and transformed from the present state to a new one, to a divine nature, and to become new instead of old, that is, good and kind and faithful from being bitter and faithlessPseudo-Macrius, An Egyptian monk who died in 390 AD


 ⊕ Trust those who believe Christ is the sole soteriologyRoger Edwards, Topeka, KS

 ⊕ I find your account of Mary’s visitation with George Washington astounding. Why hasn’t this been told before?..Sister Jean Louise, New York, NY

(Answer to Mary Quiz)…St. Ignatius of Antioch

Chuckle time

two oldguysBeach

While on vacation at the beach, two priests decided to go native. The first morning, while dressed in brief shorts, Hawaiian shirts and punk caps, they were sitting in the sand when a gorgeous woman in a bikini and WOW! body came by and said, “Good morning, Fathers.”

With their mouths open, she said, “Don’t you recognize me?  I am Sister Mary Margaret.”