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If Mary had said “no”




 If Mary had said “no”

maryWhen I pose this question to a few pious fellow Catholics, they shun the answer by saying, “Of course, she said ‘yes’. She was Immaculately Conceived to be the Mother of God.”

I think this is a cop out. It implies that Mary had no free choice. I think these might have been some of her thoughts when the Angel Gabriel suddenly appeared and told her she was to become pregnant and then become the Mother of God. I am overcome by this honor or having been selected, but let me give it some thought.

  • I am of the House of David, because my father and his ancestors belong to this revered tribe. Will my pregnancy bring shame to my people?Stained glass depicting the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus
  • There is a danger involved. In our region, there are men who will band together to stone a woman of ill-repute.
  • Who is going to believe that a virgin can give birth?
  • I think I should discuss this with Joseph, my finance. This could affect our lives. Also, he has his reputation to consider.
  • With great respect for your position, I ask you to give me a few days for consideration before I give you an answer.

I think of Mary with her eventual “yes” answer as our role model. When we are faced with decisions, large and small, if we feel that affirmative action is God’s will, do we respond with a positive “yes”?

Let me have your thoughts.


Current News

American, Missionary Kenneth Bae
American, Missionary Kenneth Bae

The American, Jeffrey Fowle, was arrested in North Korea in April and was on trial for having left a Bible in the men’s room at a restaurant. At President Obama’s request, he was released. Another American, Missionary Kenneth Bae, was also released after being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for proselytizing.

This year, the countries with the largest number of beheading are China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (where women are beheaded for witchcraft).

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