Month: January 2015

The spiritual cookie of faith!


I have told you this so that my own joy may be in you and your
joy may be complete.
John 15:11


Lick the Bottom of Your Cookie

When I was a kid, growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the 1930s, every summer evening was a play-out night. Those of us who lived on the beach would run wild playing capture-the-flag, king-of-the-mountain, and hide-and-seek. Then when we were tuckered  out, cookie.oreroone of our mothers would provide us with cookies and lemonade. The standard procedure was to make a grab for the cookies, then sit down and lick the bottom of each cookie.
“Hey!” one would complain, “you got more than I did.”
“Okay, you can have one of mine.”
“No way, not after you’ve licked it.”

All of us Catholics have received the spiritual cookie of faith, standardized by the Catechisms and church dogma. However, as these accepted truths are filtered through one’s experiences, intellect and uniqueness of being, no two people have identical faith. We aren’t robots.
It is good to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of your Catholicism. Through the years, you have personalized your faith, which should be an endless process. Those with ossified faith are doomed to dangerous complacency. Until our last breath, we should keep increasing our understanding of Catholicism with which we have been blessed — always marveling at its depth of meaning.

It is good to take time-out to examine the uniqueness of your Faith. For example, how do you visualize God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit? Today, tomorrow and in all the tomorrows to follow, be sure your spiritual cookie is well licked — and enjoyed.
(And what are your thoughts?)

                                                          Chuckle Time

The senile monsignor attending the farewell dinner for Father Murray heard him say, “The only other time in my life that can surpass my enjoyment tonight was the time I lay in the arms of another man’s wife.” Then the shocked group laughed when he added, “Of course, I am referring to my mother.”
The next year when the monsignor was leaving for a retirement community and he was being honored at a dinner, he remembered Father Murray successful story. He stunned everyone when he repeated that his greatest joy had been lying in the arms of another man’s wife. Then, with a broad smile, he said, “Of course, I am referring to Father Murray’s mother.”

My favorite priest
Even in his years of retirement, Father Joseph Marini, ( 1920 – 2014 ) Oakland, California, retained his spiritual zest which is an inspiration for everyone.
In spite of his limited walking, he made regular visits to local nursing homes. He was a salesman of joy!
Frank Cerillo,
Monroe Township, NJ

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