Month: May 2015

We do indeed need to show joy asMichael J. Sheehan, Archbishop of Santa Fe


Tmbooe  (tim/boo’e)


If there were an organization, named Tmbooe, that was searching for The Most Blessed One On Earth, would you submit your name?

I asked this to several friends, and these are some of the answers.

Successful author: “Why not?  What would I have to lose?”

Housewife: “I’m not sure because it is all relative.”

Man in advertising world:  “I like that concept. I think it might sell.”

Banker: “I suspect there is a cost involved.”

Woman executive:  “No, because I assume it would automatically give my

 name to 100 organizations which would start flooding my e-mail.”

A Bulgarian food server: “No, because I’m not blessed.”   


Now, would you submit your name?

bigstock_Question_mark_symbol_dice_roll_18529607Realize that in the 7.2 billion people living on this planet, there will never be another person quite like you.  You’re the only one of a kind, who is willed and chosen.

 If you woke up healthy this morning, you are more blessed than the million who won’t survive this week.

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back and a roof overhead and place to sleep, you are more blessed than 75% of the rest of other folks in the world.


As a principal source for combating age is appreciation of self, I propose a tenth Beatitude. It is “Blessed is one who acknowledged being blessed.”

I repeat, as a Joyful Catholic, would you submit your name for the Tmbooe Survey?  I would. And if not chosen winner, I’d demand a recount.

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Current News

– In the Pakistan village of Kasur, as infidels, a Christian couple was beaten to death1415231206805_wps_10_epa04477265_Relatives_of_ and their bodies incinerated in the brick kiln where they worked. By the authorities, there was no condemnation of this crime.

–  The appeals court in Lahore, Pakistan  rejected a Christian mother-of-five’s death sentence for “blasphemy”.


– Good News!  Candidate Rand Paul announced the God has not forgotten America


Roster of Joyful Catholic Priests

The media loves to publicize bad priests, and we should give recognition to our Joyful Catholic Priests. Send me your recommendation for ones you think merit membership in this splendid group. (

Fr. Robert Aufieri (New York, NY)
Fr. John M. Bauer (Minneapolis, MN)
Fr. Edmund Connors Katonah, NY
Fr. Paul D.Counce (Baton Rouge, LA)
Fr. John Dowling (Fairfield Glade,TN)
Fr. Paul Duchschere (Fargo, ND)
Fr. Anthony O’Gorman (London, UK)
Fr. Edward Gorman O.P. (Providence, RI)
Msgr. Edward Filardi (Bethesda, MD)
Mark Henninger (Chicago, IL)
Fr. Charles E. Jacobs (Hartford, CT)
Bishop James Vann Johnston (Springfield/Cape Girardeau, MO)
Fr. Raymond Kemp (Washington, DC)
Fr. Robert Kus (Wilmington, NC)
Bishop Joseph N. Latino (Jackson, MS)
Archbishop Jerome Listecki (Milwaukee, MN)
Fr. Richard Lopez (Atlanta Archdiocese, GA)
Bishop Dennis Madden (Baltimore, MD)
Msgr. Francis I. Malone (Little Rock, AR)
Fr. Christian Marte, S.J. (Vienna, Austria)
Msgr. Joseph Mayo (Salt Lake City, UT)
Fr. John Mericantante (Pahokee, FL)
Msgr. Thomas Modugno (New York,NY)
Fr. Kevin Nelson (Lantana, FL)
Fr. John O’Donoghue (San Antonio,TX)
Fr. Kevin J. O’Neil (Washington, DC
Fr.Francisco Pires (HydePark, NY)
Fr. Antony Pulikal (Lntana, FL)
Fr. Fr.James R. Purfield (Denver,CO)
Fr. Fr. Paul S. Quinter (Pittsburg, Pa)

Regarding our Joyful Catholic Priests, send me your recommendation for ones you think merit membership in this splendid group.




What were the five temptations Pope Francis said facing the Synod of Bishops for their October meeting?


“Be Happily and Uncomplicatedly Catholic.”


Jay's opening


  Mary Quiz


In 1218, who was the Saint who had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and then formed The Order of the Blessed Mary of Mercy for the Redemption of Captives, popularly know as the Mercedarians?

 Interesting Sayings

If religious faith isn’t about joy, there’s no point in it..E.J. Dionne, Jr. 

MV5BMzg2OTk3MzU0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzE3MzU2._V1_SY317_CR9,0,214,317_AL_Joy, anxiety and suffering can all be communicated in silence—indeed it provides them with a particularly powerful mode of expression…Pope Benedict


I am not a has-been. I am a will be… Lauren Bacall 

What we have seen and heard we proclaim now to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; for our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. We are writing this so that our joy may be complete… St. Paul 

Re: Great brains. When G. K. Chesterton was on a lecture tour, he telegraphed his wife, “Am in Market Harborough. Where ought I to be?” 


Answer to Mary Quiz

Saint Peter Nolasco was the founder of the Mercedarians.

Chuckle Time

A little girl attending her first wedding asked her mother why the bride was wearingFacebook-Wedding-Cartoon white.

Her mother explained that white was the color of joy and that the bride wanted to express her happiness.

The kid thought this over, then said, “Then why is the groom wearing black?”